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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life Is A Highway

That is the road I want to take!

Many of us can not say this because we do not really know where we want to be- we just know we don't want to be here- we hate where we are right now. We hate everything about it and we want everything to change. Oh do I know this feeling! This feeling and I were very close friends for a very long time!

Like any good friend this feeling was great to me. It was loyal and did it's very best at what it does- helping me learn more and more how to differentiate between what I liked and what I didn't like. It helped pin point me in the right direction, toward the right road by clearly showing me the whys I didn't want to be where I hated being. I took some time for me to realize it- but that's how it is meant to be-everything in it's "right" time.

The "bad" emotions are there because we asked them to be there. No emotion can come in without our permission. Try to use even the worst of emotions as learning tools. If the emotion is going to stick around for a little while, you might as well use it to work for you- after all it is there just for you- might as well use it to work in your favor.

As you learn the whys behind what you do not like you can begin to better understand the details(very important) of what you do want to experience and that will allow you to see which direction you do wish to go and before you know it, that road becomes clear in your vision.

As you get on that road and begin to travel on it smiling with delight you start to move a little faster. Soon that road becomes a highway and you begin to speed along, glowing, spreading your wings to fly along it, knowing you'll be taking the next exit toward that "other" highway. The one that moves even faster leading you to yet a bigger bunch of other moving highways- all of which you love, each one helping you reach another bigger, faster, more exciting highway.

As you fly faster and faster you will take a moment every now and again to remember your old loyal friend. The one that helped you get on that road and you will smile in appreciation.

Accept where you are. Use the tools you have right now to help you get to where you want to go.

Now excuse me, I have some highway flying to do. How about you?

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