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Friday, January 20, 2012

Only a Moment

There are huge obstacles in my way! Boulders and mountains too solid, too powerful to even consider moving! I can't move forward! My path is blocked! The climb is impossible and even if it were possible it would take years before I could reach over them! Worse- I do not know what is over them! The safest and only way is to turn back from where I came.

Discouraged and with great despair she turns to walk away. She notices a flower she had not noticed before. She sits next to it and begins to weep. She lifts her head for a moment, wipes her tears and looks at the flower again, analyzing the simplicity yet complexity of its beauty. She begins to think to herself- if only those mountains and boulders were like this flower, I could easy pluck it out from the ground if I needed/wanted to.

She looks around some more and notices a path she didn't notice before. A path leading to the other side!! Was it there all along? How could I have missed such a large beautiful path?!

Just then she hears a voice, "The reason you finally saw the path is because you let go for a moment. You took the time to shift your focus and looked at something beautiful instead. You shifted for just a moment and most of the time that is all that it takes- a moment."

The voice goes on to say, "the only one who can move those mountains and boulders is the one who placed them there. And you my dear, are the one who have put them there. They represent your limited beliefs, your fear, your anxieties and panic. By shifting for a moment you created a path, by shifting for many moments you will indeed remove your self build mountains and boulders."

Who are you? She asks.
The voice replies, "I am you."

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