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Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Guidance System

I know that life is filled with choices. Every single decision I make, no matter how small, has an effect.

When making a decision, most of us choose to focus on the effect of that decision. Good? I would think so, but even better than that- listening to my gut.

I have done it so many times- made a decision that went against my gut feeling and later regretted it. Yes, you know that feeling. I'm sure you too have had your fair share of, "I knew it" moments.

Why doubt our own gut feeling? It was instilled in us for a reason. Our own personal guidance system as I like to call it- research free. No searching, no guessing- a straight up, no fail system that we carry with us at all times. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Logic is a beautiful thing but being too logical can go against our personal guidance system and with our logical thinking we go back and forth, pondering, uncertain until the effect of that decision presents itself. Not everyone will agree that they went against what their gut was telling them- some will find a more logical explanation as to why their decision took a wrong turn. But I- proud right brain thinker- know that the more logic you use, the more logic you need and we are not simply logical beings. We are emotional beings as well with a built in guidance system. One of many systems you need feeling to understand and not thinking.

So this new year of 2012 I'm sticking with my gut. No more regrets for me. How about you? Will you be sticking with your gut or will you continue to use more logic? Hmm, how about both?
That sounds like a perfect balance don't you think?

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