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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pay Attention

I pay attention to myself. I watch everything I think because I know that my thoughts help to create the reality I wake up in each day. I help create my surroundings, the type of people and places and experiences I find myself in.

If my thinking is fearful, I create more to be fearful about.

I watch everything I do, how I respond, what my reactions are and how I choose to interact for I know this too helps to create the reality that surrounds me.

If I act peacefully, I create more peacefulness in and around me.

Most of us do not breathe properly. We do not take full breaths. Most of the time our breathing is tight and small. Some of us clench our teeth and tighten up throughout most of our day and then wonder why we do not feel relaxed?

Pay attention. Have you taken a deep breath since you started your day? Are you tight and clenched up? Have you taken a moment to just do nothing at all and just stare out?

-Heading into "morning traffic" yesterday I shut off the radio, payed attention to my breathing and day dreamed about all the things my inner child loves to dream about.
-How can you day dream while driving? Don't you have to focus on the road?
Well, yes of course- I'm not driving with my eyes shut and almost every single driver- while listening to radio or not is busy running through thoughts. I choose mine to be playful.

Breezing through "morning traffic", catching all the green lights, finding a perfect parking spot and arriving well before my required time was the result.

Very different from the mornings I used to stress out, hoping to get to where I had to be and stressing to be there on time.

By slowing down we actually make life easier for ourselves.

How are you doing today? Have you taken any deep breaths yet? Are you paying proper attention?

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