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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reboot the System

Sometimes what you need is a reboot- refresh and start over.

When my computer or other devices seem to not be working as well as they normally do I simply reboot- I've done the same with myself this morning. I rebooted- reverted back to the morning routine that I know gives me the proper fuel I need to make the best of my day. 

We all know the things that help energize us- sometimes we have too much on our plate and simply say to ourselves, "forget it- I'll do it tomorrow". But then we are the ones to pay the price- this was the case for me the last few mornings which lead me to helping create a headache which no one enjoys right?

So upon opening my eyes this morning I headed straight to the living area for some well over due meditation and yoga. A fresh juice and on to begin my tasks- refreshed, re-energized, balanced and peaceful. Ah the reward is so worth the little effort!

Everyone needs to reboot their system every now and again- how about you? Do you need to reboot your system? If you feel like you do then please do yourself a favor and don't delay- I promise you will feel amazing and every task will be so much easier to complete! 

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