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Monday, January 2, 2012

This One Is For Smokers

Smoking is bad for you- we all know this yet anyone who has ever smoked will tell you how difficult it is to quit. If cigarettes are so bad why in the word do they exist? Why are they being sold? Help people stay healthy and get rid of them! Out of sight- out of mind right?

There are many, many people who have quit and have never gone back. This proves that it is possible to quit right? But what about those who can not seem to quit and want to? You know I am in the business of helping people so I tried to think up a way to help smokers finally free themselves. I figure this much- if we are willing to keep up such a stinky, yucky habit that steals our money and takes our health away one puff at a time then we must be heavily addicted right?!

Can we find a new thought pattern to quit? Lets look at it this way: there are very powerful people(not necessarily powerful in a good way) behind cigarettes and these powerful bad boys get filthy rich with your hard earned cash- each time you purchase a pack of smokes you help pay for their luxurious life style. Your purchase of cigarettes keeps them very, very undeservingly rich. Undeserving? Yes! Because they are very well aware of how addictive and bad cigarettes are and yet they make sure the right information remains hidden away and the proper people get paid(with your cash) to stay silent and keep cigarettes on store shelves. Lets face it- cigarettes are not just tobacco leaves- they are packed with poisonous chemicals that will keep you addicted and slowly kill you and they know it but don't care- unfortunately money is more important to them than your life and they are in the business of stealing your money one puff at a time.

The next time you get an urge for a cigarette try to think of any of these points:

- I'm paying those murderers to kill me with my hard earned cash
- My cash is going right into their overflowing bank accounts
- My teeth will get yellow and ugly
- I will stink
- I will have continuous, disgusting phlegm in my throat that will keep me coughing
- I will feel so proud of myself in a few minutes when this craving passes & I can take it one craving at  a time
- I could use that money toward something much more worthwhile that doesn't kill me or feeds undeserving people
- I will be choosing a healthier, longer life span
- I won't eventually end up in a hospital

These are some points I hope can help anyone trying to rid themselves of this carefully studied addiction that keeps all the wrong people living a life style they do not deserve. I do hope they can help. Try to think of any thought that motivates you and ignites a strong drive inside of you that keeps your lungs clear of those deadly toxins. So the next time that craving leads you to a store to purchase a pack of cigarettes- try to remember who you are giving your money to.

Use the power of your mind to be in control of your life! You can do anything you want to do! Always remember that!

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