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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome To 2012

Here we are. The very first day of 2012- well that's true because I live in Canada- never the less we are at the very beginning stages of this powerful new year and many of us have set our resolutions, new years lists, desires, dreams and wishes.

Many of us have decided to do a lot of things that we have put off for a long time- get into better shape, quit smoking, spend more time with the kids, try to be more positive and less angry. In one way or another almost each person on the planet has made a promise to themselves. Some will have an easier time than others in keeping their word so allow me to say this: do not be hard on yourself and do not beat yourself up. You need to be your personal life coach- your very own motivator and bashing yourself is not being a very good coach is it?

Your inner dialogue must remain a positive one. Treat and speak to yourself as though you are speaking and acting toward someone who has hired you as their personal coach. Be encouraging, loving, motivating and positive. If you slip help yourself get back on track. Be the best coach you can be!

You can do anything you set your mind and intention towards but if it is different from what you are normally used to doing you will have to be patient and positive with yourself. Change is never easy and has its challenges so you must be aware of that but not fear it. Do your best. Take it moment by moment. Should you have a bad moment- make the next moment a better one. Please be gentle with yourself.

Each one of us is different and for myself I know that I do better with baby steps- so with each mini step I take I remain proud of myself and keep encouraging myself toward the next baby step. So even if you improve just a little it is still something and it most definitely counts!

Welcome coaches! Welcome to your 2012! Now make it count!

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