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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Are We Doing Today?

Some days are easier than others. This all depends on where our emotions are, what our thoughts are focused on. So how do we get  to a better feeling place if we are feeling down?

Well if our emotions are a refection of our thoughts then we should begin there. But how can we shift our thoughts?

There are very many ways we can to do this. Ultimately I would say meditation/prayer but not everyone enjoys those activities so then I would say: read something uplifting, watch something that makes you laugh, call up someone who is positive and fun to talk to or head outside for some love from beautiful mother nature. How about some physical activity to get those endorphins working. Exercising the body always helps the mind.

If you aren't feeling as happy or vibrant as you wish to feel than please find a way to help yourself. You have many options available to you- pick one- pick several- just please do not give up on yourself.

Pretend you had someone from out of town visiting you. Let's say that person is me- I'm here to visit you and I definitely won't enjoy my time with you sulking or just sitting there- so take me around! Show me what you do with your day, what you do in your city. Put a pot of coffee or tea on and let's chat. Maybe we can watch an uplifting movie we can laugh together to!

Spend the day with me and make sure I have a good day- after all I am your guest right?

So what are we doing today?

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