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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Your Closet of Gorgeous

You can choose from many different types of characteristics to be or become a person you are proud or happy being- the very same way you would choose from many different styles of clothes to wear to carry a certain look or style.

Same as clothes, there are many that will suit you well and enhance your beauty while other won't fit quite as well. Some make you feel extremely uncomfortable leaving you eager to change outfit. Preciously the same with characteristics. Choose the ones that help your gorgeous come out. Anger and jealousy are in my opinion two that leave even the most gorgeous of people looking not so gorgeous.

These are characteristics that will activate a fast paced negative flow. So catch it at first glimpse to keep you from allowing this negative flow to take over.

As for those on the receiving end of jealousy or anger- do not in any way let it get to you. Try as hard as you possibly can to be lovingly understanding and patient with those individuals. There are obviously unresolved issues and insecurities within them so try and help them further by being the example of what wearing the proper outfit looks like. Maybe this will encourage them to take a look at what they have chosen to wear and get uncomfortable enough to want to change outfit.

Admire your individuality for it is preciously what makes you gorgeous. Trying to be like someone else is pointless and exhausting. Hating someone because they have learned or have chosen to be peaceful and love themselves (because really that is what makes one shine with beauty) is truly pointless and draining.

We are all gorgeous in our own unique way and it is up to each of us to know which outfits of characteristics suit us best and keep us shining with beauty.

So watch yourself when you go into your closet of options- be sure to choose the outfit that helps your gorgeous shine to the world.

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