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Friday, January 27, 2012

Your Inner Home

How well do you maintain your home? Your inner home that is. Do you keep throwing junk all over the place? Do you watch what you bring into your home? Do you clean it up every now and again? Do you not bother with this task because no one else will see it and feel it but you?

Maybe you do not see the junk you have accumulated throughout the years? Maybe you never really took a clear look to see what is actually lingering about in there. Why not make today the first day of your cleaning process?

There is no deadline, there is no rush-after all its been so many years that you've been living in this home as it is. Even one little, "I do not need this, so I'm going to throw it out" is enough for today. Then you can get rid of something else tomorrow. Easy, gentle steps. One tiny step at a time.

You live in there. Your true self, your soul, lives and breathes in there each and every millisecond, so I do think it's a very vital and important task.

Everyday we can do something- anything to better our inner home and by doing so we can breathe better, we can see better and we make room for the stuff we do want and get rid of what we no longer need/want.

Before you know it your inner home will be so radiant and beautiful you'll want to show it to the world!

Here's to your beautiful inner home! It looks gorgeous already!

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