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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creepy Callings

Many people are still struggling with letting go of old addictions...

Here you are again. My friend, the one who knows me all too well: my addiction. Present and powerful because my ego makes it so, I find it so hard to let you go!

Tempting me, calling me in. I do not like you- I do not want you in my world but when you call out to me I can not bear but want to give in. I'm focused on the misbelief that it will feel good- I know if I am strong enough and hang on just 1 second more the urge will pass.

I must keep my focus on the after math. Knowing how proud I will be not having given into your creepy calling.

I am strong enough to make peace with my ego and set it free. I am very capable of thanking my ego but reassuring it that I do not need it. I am powerful- much more powerful than my addiction!

I am now in control of my life. I choose what is best for me! I make smart decisions for myself. I think about my health, my happiness and successes! I am stronger than my addiction- after all it is only an addiction I chose to have in my life- that is past, it is no longer a part of who I am- no longer a part of my world. I am free!

No more creepy callings for me!

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