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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frankie Wants to Know

-Someone should tell them.

Let it go Frankie, believe me we've tried. They don't listen.

-What do you mean they don't listen?! What you have to say is so important! It will keep them from running themselves on low battery all the time.

Yes, I agree but humans like to stress- well, it's not that they "like" it but they are addicted to it. They have been sold this reality of stress and have bought into it. It is what makes them feel "alive" these days. Besides, it is what they have chosen to believe in and so they keep creating more of it.

-But we cannot give up! They obviously need help!

Help and answers are always here. We are always here chirping, flying, dancing, flapping our beauty and passing along mother nature's messages and earth's simple answers. They have to want to watch and learn- we cannot force them.

-How could you not see what is right in front of you?

We see what we choose to believe in. They choose to believe in stress, so they get more of that and miss out on the quieter messages.

-Yes, but isn't that a basic rule that we all learn that the very beginning? What you think about you get more of?

Yes, it is- but you have to also understand that humans have very powerful minds and the ones who know how to control those minds get to sell them an idea and make them believe that it is true.

-You mean like brainwashing?

Preciously. Only not everyone is awake or aware enough to see that- no matter how much we try to tell or show them.

-Wow, my heart goes out to these humans!

Don't feel so bad Frankie, there are lots of angels, even earth angels that are still trying to wake people up and plenty of humans are waking up- and when you get to know these angels you will understand that it is their mission and they never give up.

-That's beautiful and that makes me feel better for these humans.

Love Frankie- love heals all-always has, always will.

-Yes it does! That is why I do not understand why more people wouldn't watch and learn from us- we are from nature, we are direct representation of love and what humans have inside.

In time Frankie, in time all will be clear, all will be understood for now let's enjoy the show.

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