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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Dream

Every hour of the day has its own vibration. The earlier the hour the quieter the vibration. When I awake very early or go to bed very late I can feel the tranquility. It is in these tranquil moments that I love to create and visualize.

When the world feels quiet there is an inevitable peacefulness that comes over me. With this peacefulness comes a sense of excitement! A joyous feeling of being alive and having a world of possibilities right at my finger tips! So what else could a child like being such as myself do in times of excitement like these: I dream

I dream about all the things I desire for myself, my loved ones, the planet and its people. It is in that high vibration that I can make things happen because there is no doubt, no insecurities, no fear, no sense of limitations and that is preciously what one needs in order to create. Pure excitement and happiness are the keys to our magic wands, did you know that? It is impossible to create what you want when you are coming from any other low vibration. But we know that by now right? 

What time of day do you feel peace and excitement? Do you use that time to help you create what you desire? 

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