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Thursday, February 23, 2012


We have heard it so many times that laughter is the best medicine. I have made it a conscious effort to try and laugh more- much more. Just the other night, after dealing with an issue my body quickly reacted and I could feel a tummy ache coming on. I know there is healing, forgiveness and letting go needed but at that very second I wanted my tummy ache to vanish so off toward the television I went to put on a show that always makes me laugh. Before I knew it, I was smiling and laughing, my tummy ache was gone  and I was feeling 100% better.
The issues we have need to be worked on. When our emotions are off balance so is our health. At the moment of impact, I do my best to shift immediately and later do the proper work needed to forgive and let go.
I believe the key is to always feel good. That always needs to be priority.
 Ever stop to pay attention at how often you actually laugh? 
What makes you laugh? Why not spend more time doing things that fill you up with smiles and laughter?
Laughter is my new best friend:)
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