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Friday, February 24, 2012


If you could have anything in the world- I mean anything at all, what would it be?  What would make you truly happy to attain or achieve? What is your biggest desire?

Whatever it is you desire most, I want you to take time to focus on what it would be like to have that which you desire. Close your eyes and try to get to the point that you can actually feel what it would be like to have it be in your reality. Yes, I'm asking you to pretend, to make believe. By doing so, you begin to walk toward that door that opens up to your dreams. The more you pretend and feel that feeling, the quicker you get to your door and finally find yourself turning that knob and walking through to greet your desire(s)!

Pretend, believe, imagine, trust- all of the intangible things we humans had no problem with as children but have to sometimes "relearn" in our adulthood.

How about you? Must you relearn what once rang true and strong within you? 

Myself? Happy to be a dreamer, happy to be child-like, happy to share it with you all as I walk toward my door...

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