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Monday, February 20, 2012

Refine Your List

The message came clear to me in my dreams last night: be clear about what it is you want. So perhaps I have been a little vague, a little unspecific- but now I understand that my desires have been lacking in detail, so first thing I did this morning was write down my desires-in great detail of course- well, as much detail as I could muster up for now. No pressure as I can always add on as the days go by.
I took this list and stuck it on my vision board. Where I can clearly see it. As I look at it I make adjustments this helps me to further clarify and refine my requests. Amazing!

What it is that you want? What are your desires? Why not take some time to write them down-if you haven't already. See how far your mind will let you go before you feel you have to put a cap on it.

Pulling something away from our minds and placing it in front of ourselves is a great way to help us accomplish things but also helps us better understand what is going on inside of ourselves. This is why writing lists of tasks to complete is very useful, also very useful to help you fulfill your dreams.

I'm off to go refine my list once again. How about you?

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