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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wasting Time

Each of us has the freedom to choose what we wish to carry with us wherever we go.

We can leave our stresses and worries behind, reminding ourselves how useless they are or we can pack them tightly around us and within us and take them with us everywhere. Yes. This is a choice. Your personal choice and only you can choose what comes with you.

What do you take with you wherever you go? Why do you choose "those" things? Are they helpful? Do they help make your tasks easier to handle? Do they make your day brighter?

Being aware of what you choose to carry is essential and is a daily contribution. Some of us accumulate lots of unnecessary things- carrying and spreading all sorts of junk around- helping exhaust ourselves and others. The reality is that you can change that at any second! Don't wait for someone to wash away what you do not need! Take responsibility for yourself and your life and get rid of the toxins!

Each moment is a fresh start -remember that!

Take a look and see what you have chosen to carry with you. Do you like it? Is it helping you? If not then change it now! No more wasting time.

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