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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yes To Life!

Ever hear Dr.Wayne Dyer talk about memes of the mind? He of course isn't the only one who speaks of these memes but I was first introduced to them by reading one of his many great books. This morning I felt we needed the reminder, so here I am and here you are.

Memes are viruses of the mind- thoughts and thinking patterns reminding you why you can not have "that", be "that", do "that" and so on. Becoming aware of these memes, learning to recognize them will help you to better understand why you believe what you believe- an example of a meme is your limited thinking. Why others can succeed and not you, why others can have riches and not you, why others can be healthy, happy and free but not you. Patterns we believe in but never really try to understand the "whys" behind them and acknowledge that we can choose to change those very beliefs!

Learn to become aware of your memes and when "they" take over. Begin to take responsibility for your thinking. There are no victims in life- we choose to remain victims.

There are always solutions! If you want to succeed in life, if you want to accomplish your tasks you must give 100%, otherwise you leave room for complaining and problems.

Get rid of the unnecessary, get rid of what holds you back and keeps you from achieving your goals and tasks. If you do not put in 100% then no one else will and then you find yourself wearing that pretty victim suit you so easily slip into.

Recognize where you can improve. Recognize your memes and when they kick in. Start really paying attention to your choices and beliefs and take back control of your life!

NO to memes, NO to victim suits and YES TO LIFE!

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