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Friday, February 17, 2012

Your Vibration!

My world is pretty, safe and bright because I make it so. I take time to make sure I am vibrating in a positive way at a high level. I share my world with all of you by sending out my vibration and energy.
What are you giving out? What do I get from you? Does your world have a lot of noise in it? Then I shall shield myself for I do not want any part of that.

How can you stand all this noise? How can you keep living with all that shaky vibration of fear and panic? Do you not want to feel safe and protected at all times with security and peace in your soul, happiness in your heart and a shiny smile on your face? So what are you doing? Why are you allowing all this noise in your life?

Choose what you want present in your life. Know that you share that world with everything/everyone you encounter or think about. Contribute in a positive way- for your sake and for others.
Help the planet by making your world peaceful.

We all feel your vibration!

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