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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Culprit

Vandalizing hospitals and other institutions has been a long time secret desire of mine. I am well aware that there are parts of the world that do not have hospitals at all- ridiculous that this is actually a reality in 2012! A reality I do not understand and to be honest- enrages me!

I live in Montreal, Quebec where we do have hospitals and I see all too clearly the changes our hospitals need. I have spoken to many people about my vision and I always get the same answer, "it costs too much money."

Here are some of the things I would do: I would have gorgeous, positive affirmations of health and happiness beautifully painted all over the walls. I would hire top chefs to prepare fantastic delicious food,  filling the hallways with comforting, aromatic smells.
I would give the patients coconut water for hydration and I would have only comedy channels and uplifting shows available to watch.
I would play subliminal positive affirmations continually through the speakers so that their subconscious minds could begin the healing process.
I would fill up the rooms with fresh flowers and healing smelling herbs.
I would make sure each room had a huge window with a gorgeous view or have huge paintings or pictures of the ocean, mountains, sunshine or sky.
I would have volunteers of positive people come in to talk to the patients and spend an hour or so just listening and sharing stories.

It's proven that love, affection, attention, and caring helps the healing process. So YES this may cost money but it will help people to heal faster.

When you start to see these changes in our hospitals you'll know that I was the culprit!

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