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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I want to rule the world!

Grocery shopping with my mom the other day she said to me, "Wow! You're so picky! You look at every label! I never shop like that. You need a lot of patience to do that."

She's right! You do need a lot of patience! I would LOVE if I didn't have to read every label, be able to pick up and throw into my carriage as I see so many other people doing but I simply can't! Thanks to my eldest sister I have learned plenty about health, ingredients and how to read labels and understand the food I am buying. For my mom this is difficult to understand and as I explain to her, "Mom, food is not what it was. You have to be careful today." After we spoke about it for a little while she said, "better not to read the labels otherwise you won't eat anything anymore." And there you have it. The answer/solution most of us have found in today's world: don't look, don't think about it and just move on. This is like the ingredients our government agrees to put in our food: a load of crap!!

I want to sentence the people who approve of these products that look okay to the shoppers eye but are filled with loads of "bad stuff"- shame on them!!

I want to rule the world because peace, health and equality would be on the top of my very long list! 

I wish I could go into the face of these government officials and ask them why is it we keep selling cigarettes if they kill people? Why do we put cancer causing chemicals in our food?! Why do we produce and sell stuff that slowly makes people sick?! 

We as a society, united, can be a bigger voice then the money hungry government! They had their chance to prove they can take proper care of us and all they have done up until now has been to look after their pockets and say yes to the "big boys" who keep feeding their pockets!

I want to rule the world and make it a happy, healthy, peaceful place to live! What good is money if you do not have those three things?!!!

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