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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick Creation Mode

When some of us desire something very strongly we can sometimes "obsess" about it and as a result we spend too much time thinking about it. This is great when we are feeling excited and day dream about how amazing it feels to have it in our existence. But what about when we are using panicky, worry thoughts? When we want more money to come in and we worry and panic about it? When we wish to lose weight and we worry and panic about it? How does this help us? Exactly, it doesn't.

We can all understand and relate to these scenarios because we are all human therefore we have somehow, someway lived or are living through moments like these and I for one can express this: whether you worry or not tomorrow will come; everything passes and everything works itself out.

I also know that you can help create a better reality, one that gives you what you do want. Remember that "unwanted things cannot jump into your experience uninvited." What you think about becomes true.

Think about something with major panic and you put it into quick creation mode. Think about something with major excitement and you put it into quick creation mode. The universe can not tell the difference between good or bad, it recognizes energy/vibration- the stronger the energy/vibration the quicker its creation!

The next time you find yourself thinking a panicky, worry thought ask yourself, "do I wish to create this?" Then ask yourself, "what would I like to create?" And expand that thought.

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