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Monday, April 2, 2012

Between Brain and Instinct

It seems plenty of us spend a lot of time doing things we don't like and we have plenty of excuses reasons why "we have to"keep doing them. If something is less than gratifying then why we do we agree to do it repeatedly?  

Ask a child if they wish to do something and they will be quick to give you an answer. Ask and adult and watch the process between brain and instinct happen. First our instinct kicks in giving us the true answer but then because we need to rationalize it in order to understand WHY we are making that choice we move from that gut feeling(which we all know never, ever fails us) to a more logical area and start THINKING about it.

What am I trying to say on this Monday morning? I'm trying to remind you of two things: 

1) Do what you love to do. Each of us has a purpose here. For some it may be accounting, for others it may be helping children- we each have our strengths and in our strengths we find great joy and fulfilment: try to spend more time doing things that help you feel as such.

2) Listen to your gut. When asked a question see how it FEELS rather than rationalize it trying to figure out the WHY behind the answer. Your gut gives you an instant answer- the why will come up sooner or later I promise. 

Keep these in mind as you go about enjoying another beautiful day that has been graciously given to you:)

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