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Friday, April 27, 2012


We can not see the road ahead. We can only see a few feet in front of us, does that mean we stop moving forward? 

To me life is about chance, it is about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone! It's about changing and trying new things! We can find comfort and safety in the "unknown" if we just learn to trust. Trust ourselves, trust life! You were created and look how magnificent you are! Now how could you fear or doubt the same source that created you and the world that surrounds you?!

Afraid of failure are you? But what is failure? To me failure is not trying, not taking risks, settling with fear in a "safe" little box and carrying on day after day.

What does failure mean to you? Are you unwilling to take risks because you can not see what lies ahead? See this last phrase? "What lies ahead", you help create what will pop up so until then they can be considered lies so please do not listen to your fear(s).

You have one life and it is happening right now, please live it! Don't just sit on the side lines hoping "nothing bad is going to happen"! Go out there and live!

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