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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Choose Your Words Wisely

I have heard time and time again how we (newer generations) have massacred the english language throughout the years. It used to be an honor and a privilege to use words, to be able to express one's self, to be able to read and write. Today we abbreviate. We use very simple words and sometimes only letters to express our emotions (OMG, LOL).  

Many of us do not even think when we speak- not when speaking to ourselves or to others. We open our mouths and let it come out, sometimes regretting what we have just said.

We must always remember that our words hold a lot of power! The words you say and think are power tools of creation. Together they open road ways in front of you. They are mass constructors of the world you see around you.

Someone else's words can give you drive the same way they can tear you apart. Your own words are just as powerful and just as important!

You have power tools just like a superman or superwoman! Think a thought enough and you give it power to create!

Choose your words wisely!

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