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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Confusing What Is Real

I heard Linkin Park’s song, Crawling this morning. I had not heard it in a while. The words rang strong again. “fear is how I fall, confusing what is real”.
Fear is such a powerful emotion! Fear and I go way back! We were once very tightly joined together! Just as the lyrics say, fear can actually confuse what is real! And it does this very quickly!
We must not hate fear. Just like anger can be a motivating emotion, so can fear. We must learn to “properly” use our emotions.
Each emotion we have comes to us because we call it in. It will never, ever appear on its own. You are its owner and it obeys your orders. Call it and it will come. Feed it with your belief and it will stay growing bigger and bigger.
Tell it you no longer need it and it will go away.
Emotions can drastically change our perception of ourselves, the people around us and the world around us. Please do not get confused.
Remain focused! Remain in control! Feed only what serves you best!
You are the boss!
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