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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The F Word

Everyday, every moment we make choices. We choose how to be, how to view things and how they will effect us.

Life gives us very many options, most of the time the options are endless! Yet many of us seem to choose the same ones over and over again. Stress and anger seem to be at the top but the most favorite of them all seems to be, you guessed it: fear!

Oh how so many of us let it come in and take over! We fear everything! We fear change of any kind, we fear we won't have enough of this or that. We fear spending money, we fear speaking our minds, we fear taking risks(sometimes even the tiniest risk), we fear, we fear, we fear!

Well I say F*ck fear! Choose another emotion instead! How about faith, encouragement, trust or confidence? Those are just as available!

What are we so afraid of anyway? Failure? Judgement? From ourselves? From others? This life you are leading it is yours not anyone else's so if you will live it like it is someone else's you will most definitely never be content, and isn't life all about experiencing and feeling as joyful as we can? Doing all the things we love and enjoy doing? Isn't that "properly" feeding one's soul?

Please stand with me on this! F*ck fear! Leave it somewhere in a field and pick some other amazing option of emotion to guide you!

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