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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Days

There are days and then there are days. I had a challenging one yesterday. One like I had not had in quite sometime!
That's the beauty of focusing on the positive and choosing to lead a happy life- challenging days become more and more scarce. Yesterday however, was far from a happy day for me. Just like physically training at the gym gets challenging, I know not to give up because the results will come- well same goes with an "unhappy" day so I make sure not to give up or give in! Keep that positive, happy outlook!

It is important to remain focused and remember not to get caught up in the drama of things. How we choose to view the situation is also important. We must keep security in our hearts that no matter what happens all is always well and we are always okay.

Change can be scary, especially when we do not anticipate it but we all know how powerful and important change is. Yet when we are being pushed out of our comfort zones we get very irritated and irritable.

So how did the rest of my day turn out? GREAT! Why? Because I did my best to remain calm and focused on the positive, keeping myself out of the drama circle!

The only drama I want to be part of is a drama class!

Stay focused people! Choose the right stuff for your days to remain happy days!

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