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Friday, May 18, 2012

House of Dreams or House of Horrors?

Your house of dreams or your house of horrors? Which one sounds more like your "inner" home? 

Is it some place I would enjoy spending my time? Surrounded by gorgeous thoughts, feelings and memories or is it more "nightmarish" with its goblins of worry, panic and fear? It's pressures of "not good enough" and its harmful words wounding me just as they wound you?

What does your inner home feel like?

Lucky for me I only have to take care of my inner home but I can not help myself! If my home is playful and fun it bugs me that yours isn't! I want yours to be just as playful! I want your inner home to be so gorgeously decorated with loving thoughts, words and feelings Martha Stewart would be jealous;)! 

So what kind of a "house" do you live in? Is it time for a serious clean up?
Hurry up! I would love to come over:)!

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