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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We're All Alright

This year of 2012 has brought forth massive change for all of us and it is not done just yet so hang tight;)!

I was  discussing with a dear friend yesterday, after having been put through so much change, I find it difficult to get back to the "old me". After pondering this for some time I realized I can not go back to the "old me" because of all the changes.

New experiences, new realities for the "new me". If I want the new to continue to enter I have got to let go of my old way of thinking, doing, seeing and experiencing things.

If we can remind ourselves that it is only change and we are alright, then we can better handle and see the situations for what they really are.

I know we are always safe and protected and I trust the process of life so I lovingly allow it to unfold!

We are so blessed to be in this powerful time of transition.

We are all alright:)!

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