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Thursday, May 31, 2012

You First

Care for yourself. Respect yourself. Make yourself a priority
Very tough thing to do when you are taught to care for others before taking care of yourself. Especially for all you mommies out there! I know this can be very challenging but your children(or baby) will benefit when you are taking great care of you and feeling amazing! Everyone around you benefits including you!
Being raised to make sure everyone around you is satisfied then looking to yourself means having to learn to let go of guilt when putting ourselves first. A process I know all too well and I’m sure many of you can relate to.
I’ve had plenty of time to practice and I get better with each day, it gets easier.
I understand the importance of caring for myself. Of putting myself first and making sure I am well taken care of because that means eveyone around me gets the best of me and they aren’t forced to stop their lives to come take care of me. Everybody wins!
Make a promise to take great care of yourself, guilt free. You deserve it and everyone around you deserves it.
Happy day to you!
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