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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm Different

My colors are different from yours. When I am not careful this can make me insecure.

When I am around those that love me, I feel amazing!

Then I go out into the big world where looks and energies of judgement are made. It can be scary. So much easier to simply "fit in" and be like "them".

But I can not. My colors are too bright and they are impossible to hide.

So instead I remember how wonderful my colors are. I remember that I was created from love. I remember that I was chosen to be this way and therefore I am "perfect" as I am.

I forgive those who judge and I forgive those who criticize.

Perhaps they are yet to realize that they too are perfect, they too were created in love, they too have gorgeous colors!

Hopefully we can help remind them:)

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