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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Reminder

I had the pleasure of seeing Roger Waters  last night as he and his fellow band members rocked the stage here in Montreal! What an amazing show!!

Soon after the show started I was reminded what Pink Floyd does to me! Even the amazing australian tribute band is a must see and has the same effect on me- it REVS me up!!

All of a sudden I catch myself crying to the scenes they display on their huge screens and this time on the amazing wall they had build! I'm telling you, EPIC show!! So I find myself crying then cheering, then crying then applauding in complete agreement with their messages of us living in a false reality that has been sold to us without our consent!

The fire grows within me as each second passes! My engine starts running on high speed and I feel a motivation to do something about this matrix "they" have created!
But what? What do I do? How can I do it? How can I help others wake up and realize that to "them" we are "just another brick in the wall."

I know you and I aren't "just another brick in the wall" and that each of us matters. Each of us equally important!

Let's start with loving and respecting ourselves and then doing the same to our neighbors. Try your best to be patient and kind.

Let's make the planet a wonderful place to live and make "them" understand that we have a choice and a voice and we choose to use it in our own peaceful way!

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