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Friday, June 29, 2012

Speeding up!

Have you been paying enough attention to notice the increase in speed our creations have these days? How what we think about comes true even quicker than before!? Sure there is still a delay period but that delay has increased its speed immensely!

I have noticed and this has put me on alert mode, big time! I usually watch what I think and say but these days I am extra careful for I noticed the acceleration creation has taken. People want to know what 2012 is all about and I always say the consciousness of the planet is changing and shifting and this is valuable proof!

For those of us who live our lives aware and awake, we can feel and see the changes. For those of you still asleep I urgently urge you to wake up and pay closer attention. You are creating your world, your reality through your thoughts and desires. Your assertive beliefs are not only being heard they are being put in almost immediate reality. It is very important to become aware of this because if "your life sucks" or you are "fed up of this". If you hate the life you are leading then please look at what you are thinking and believing to be true for you because that is how you are creating all that stuff you hate

How happy are you? How happy are your thoughts? How happy is your life? Ask yourself these questions then look at your core beliefs and thoughts and start shifting what does not help you create the life you want must be eliminated.

You are in charge of your life so don't leave this job unattended or up to someone else. Take back control and create a better reality for yourself.

Remember the speed has increased and it isn't about to slow down. It's about to to get a whole lot faster so hurry up please.

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