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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiny creatures do it!

A human is about 2000 times the size of an ant or tiny insect which means any insect heading out and living their life can be crushed at any time by a human. Does this mean they live in fear? Do they hide out away from the world afraid of what might happen?

I used to be a very fearful person. Scared of very many things until I accepted that if something is destined to happen, it will happen. So I chose instead to live my life. No limitations. No fear based thinking. No regrets.

I know in my heart I will always be okay. No matter what. No matter how tough life gets sometimes, there is always a reason and purpose for every event, including the toughest, most challenging ones.

If a tiny insect goes out into this world to live its life, why in the world wouldn't I.

Remember you are always safe and protected and life is always here for you! In the tougher times be sure to ask for help from your angels. They are always there for you. It is part of their"job", their purpose.

Have a peaceful day!

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