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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Remember Your Options.

Situations we find ourselves in, experiences we go through, words spoken to us, emotions shared with us, some much more intense than others, but these are some of the things we go through on a daily basis as humans.

Being human sometimes has its challenges that's for sure- but inside our human bodies we have souls. It is there that the answers, the power, and the peace exists. This is why doing things without the soul will never give you full results- rather limited results you have to work very hard or struggle a great deal to get.

I understand (and use) the information we have today, with the internet we can learn about anything- however sometimes our gut feeling is better to follow. Sometimes remaining optimistic and choosing to see the possibilities and believing in the "impossible" is the better option.

We are human but we are also spirit. There are some things we do humanly and other things we must use spirit to do.

Remember who you are so you may remember your options.

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