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Monday, July 2, 2012

Try Again

Each day we are given a chance at a fresh start.

Many of us forget that each moment also presents itself with an opportunity to start over.

If we are having a heated discussion with someone, we can choose in that moment to change the direction of that conversation. Yes, setting aside our pride gives us power, power to change the direction of a conversation or situation.

Now I know many of us in this society are still choosing to live and lead our lives with stubbornness and inflexibility but we must remember that only creates a tougher outer shell of arrogance and "know it all" syndrome which eventually gets absorbed into our core and it becomes very difficult to come out of that.

Nature is proof that we are meant to experience change and growth. We are on a continuos learning  path and we will never on this planet "know it all".

Learn to let go, listen a little more without judgement and criticism and remember, you can always start again!

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