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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The body reacts very similar to emotions of fear and excitement. Sure, they are far from the same emotionally but physically very, very similar. 
Lewis (my nephew of 2 years & 4 months) got me thinking about this when he got excited about seeing a truck (something he loves) load up some bagels with a lift. He loved watching it and we took turns staying with him as he watched with excitement- yes, he watched for quite a while:)

Every now and again he would say, "Paura" which in italian means scared or fear. Knowing it was excitement he was feeling I asked him if he said "paura" because his heart went pitter patter and he felt excited and he looked at me with his big blue eyes and I could tell he was happy that I understood him. I then went on to explain to him the difference between fear and excitement. Well, in a way a 2 year old could comprehend:)

This is something we adults can reflect on. Fear makes our hearts go pitter patter and our blood rush but so does excitement. Maybe the next time we become fearful we can perhaps reflect on the idea that our emotions react on what we feel and maybe just maybe at that very moment, becoming aware and conscious of what we are feeling,  and what our bodies are doing, we can calm ourselves down enough to take back control.

I wish you loads of excitement in your day:)

Photography courtesy of  the wonderful Tracie Pippenger