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Monday, November 26, 2012

I know...I know...I know...

I can take you back, to the exact moment last week where my gut message was, "Go home, you have done too much this week and you need your rest".

With my 'rational justifications' convincing me otherwise, I ignored the message and a few days later found myself dealing with a cold. Yucky. 

But the message was clear and it was my choosing not to listen and so I must deal with the result of that choice.

We choose. We have our gut instincts and it is up to us to follow that feeling or have our logical thinking come in and 'rationalize' what we are feeling which starts of the 'contemplation process' leading us to making a choice we ourselves are 'unsure' about. Usually we wind up saying, " I knew I should have....." right? Oh we humans are a funny bunch!

I am still working on healing myself (I know its only a cold) but I got the message- always listen to your gut! 

Thank you once again universe for making that clear:)

Photography courtesy of  the wonderful Tracie Louise