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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Right Kind of Goodies

We hear so much about forgiveness of ourselves and others, releasing fears and letting go of the past. All simple instructions yet difficult for many of us to do because we have egos. We justify our reasons to be angry or why we continue to carry pain. Many of us will continue to complain for years and years, heck, some of us will spend a lifetime doing so! But what good does that do? Just think what it does to our mind, body and soul?

Ignoring something won't make it go away but hanging on to the memory or replaying it over and over again won't make it go away either. Your promise as a soul on this planet, living in this vechile of a body, is to do the best you can at living a happy life, sharing and spreading that love and happiness. Remaining angry, sad or scared steals away that love and happiness.

A beautiful person, living a beautiful life involves clearing and cleaning the inside, feeding the soul the right kind of goodies. It's november, the end of this year is closing in quickly, why not make the proper efforts, quit ignoring what you do not want to deal with, kick your ego to the curb-lovingly of corse;) and set yourself free!

With the right kind of goodies, your light will shine bright and the entire universes benefit, and that dear one, includes you!
Photography courtesy of  the wonderful Tracie Louise Pippenger