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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello! How Are You?

Yesterday I took my mom out to run some errands. We were at Costco (not my favorite place to shop but I digress) and there were stations of food tasting. I walked up to the lady cutting up some local cheese to taste (yes, not very vegan of me)  and I said, as I always do when I approach a stranger, "Hello, how are you?"  She looks up at me with a shocked look on her face and says "Well, that's something you don't hear often! I cannot tell you the last time someone said that to me and I am here a lot." She turns to my mom and asks, "Is this your daughter?" My mom replies, "Yes, one of my daughters." The lady then says, "You did a great job at raising her." My mom accepts the compliment of course:)

I could not believe what this lady had told me! How in the world have people forgotten basic, common courtesy?! And Costco clientele isn't teenagers or children! It is grown adults!! What in the world is going on?! How could you ignore a person? Let alone one who is offering something to you? Is it because 'they' are simply workers and its part of their job to give you free food?! Or is it because you are just plain rude?! I find this extremely hurtful and I hope we can all wake up and realize that person deserves just as much love and respect as the people you idolize!!!

Be kind to everyone! Remember your manners! Be a great example of caring for your fellow humans! Don't be rude!! "Hello, how are you?"  doesn't cost you anything!!

Photography courtesy of  the wonderful Tracie Louise