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Monday, December 10, 2012

On My Way

I am on my way but I have no idea where I'm going.

Rewind back ten years ago I would never, ever be able to just let go of 'figuring everything out' and just allow myself to be guided! No way! But through the years, all of my training and practice has paid off and I am able to sit back and let the universe guide me.

I ran into someone who hadn't seen me since I had lost my store. We chit chatted and after filling them in with where I was in my life they said, "Wow! I could never do that! I have had the same job for 22 years and I would be terrified to leave."

I am not judging or criticizing for I totally understand their point of view. I used to own the same eyes and beliefs so I understand very well where they are coming from. However, hearing their words reminded me of how far I've come and how much all of my dedication to healing myself has paid off. So to anyone starting their journey PLEASE keep on going, the rewards are priceless!!

I never before realized just how much the universe provides when you ALLOW it to. Controlling and figuring everything out yourself is exhausting. Letting go and simply skipping through the guided path is so much easier  and a lot more fun! To add more joy to that, the path is filled with constant lovely surprises and gifts!

I am on my way! Where I am going, I have no clue, but I am enjoying myself all the way!
I hope you are too!!

Photography courtesy of  the wonderful Tracie Louise