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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where Are You Going?

Which direction are you headed? Have you taken even a slight second to ponder where it is you wish to go?  Which direction you want your life to be headed?Have you taken a second to decide the things you would like for yourself? Where you would like to be 3 hours from now? 3 days, 3 months, 3 years from now? 

You contribute greatly to the reality you find yourself in and the reality you will later find yourself in. Knowing this, wouldn't you agree that it is important to focus some attention on what you would like to see present in your life?

Don't just ramble through life, looping through the days. Take initiative and begin to 'connect' yourself to the things you desire. Start reeling them in. 

Yes, let life happen, be present in the moment and allow life to unfold; but like it or not you are constantly emanating a vibration and it is with this vibration that the universe understands what experiences and reality to bring forth. If you deliberately choose which vibration to emanate, the universe will bring more of that into your reality.

So I ask you, where are you going? 

Photography courtesy of  the wonderful Tracie Louise