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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't Remain A Victim!

Don't forget that you help create the reality you are in right now. Whatever situations surround you, you have helped create. If they are wonderful situations and you are content, then keep doing what you are doing, otherwise change whatever pattern you have chosen to create in your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Life gives us endless opportunity to change, tweak and adjust ourselves and our lives. We can simply ignore those opportunities, carry on and complain along the way as we watch everything go in the opposite direction as we wish it to go. Or we can do something about it! Sometimes all it takes is doing one tiny thing differently.

No one is going to come along to "fix" you and your situations. You have a sole responsibility to yourself and you must never give up! Visualize what you desire! Write about it, draw about it, day dream about it, ask for it! Use the time the world gives you wisely and stop remaining a victim!

The freedom of choice is always readily available.