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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Embarrassed to Live in Quebec!!!

We, the people in Canada live a rather peaceful life. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful place to call home. It's people help it to be peaceful and beautiful and I myself am very grateful for this! But yesterday for the first time in all of my 36 years I felt embarrassed to be a part of this province of Quebec that I live in! Montreal is a wonderful city for so many reasons but the province it sits in is a big embarrassment to be a part of right now.

It seems this lady(if we can even call her that) by the name of Pauline Marois, has been trying to create separation and hate between the french and english. She is going to great lengths to help stir the pot! We here in Montreal speak BOTH languages. We have done so for years! But this isn't enough for this war loving 'lady'. No, she wants us to hate our neighbours and create separation! In my opinion she must be very angry and sad inside. Pauline, get some help! Help yourself find inner peace so that you can teach your people that instead of separation!

She craves attention and she's getting it plenty of it! Maybe she should be focusing on the real issues we do have in this city. Like our medical system, our under payed doctors and nurses. The homeless and hungry, our school system! Not going after restaurants to ban the word pasta because it is not a french word! Not too sure it's a good idea to upset the italians by offending them- I wouldn't want to wake up that dragon!

Montreal is a multi cultural city! We have every race living here and we all speak BOTH french and english besides our native tongue- what do you speak Pauline? Oh that's right, you speak the language of hate! Try to remember there is a whole world around you and this province! We are in 2013 and there are real issues in the world. We  still we have wars, corruption, addictions, murders, damage to our planet, animals becoming extinct because of our gluttony and all sorts of crazy backward things going on and you are worried about the word pasta! OMG wake up lady!!!