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Monday, April 29, 2013

When The Storm Hits, It's Too Late

Changing our old thinking patterns that no longer serve us and finding and creating new thoughts that love and support us are some of the best changes we can make for ourselves! When we dedicate some time to going within, healing and changing. We begin to shift and slowly bring ourselves to a much 'better feeling place' inside. All of this time and effort that we put in pays off almost immediately. We begin to see changes quite rapidly in our daily lives. But that isn't the best part. When a 'tough' situation presents itself in your life, what would have felt like a bomb going off in the past, now feels to have a lot less impact. Still challenging, still difficult, but at a fraction of intensity of what it would have felt like had you not done all of that work! This is my favorite part. I have worked very hard on healing myself and bettering myself (I am not done- far from it) but I have come a very long way from where I once was. I am truly grateful!

So do the work, it really is worth it! Just remember you can not wait until the storm hits to start your process of changes. Then it becomes too late. Here is an example I use often when explaining to others - Just like going on vacation and wanting to look great in a bikini means you will have to work out and eat healthy BEFORE you get to your destination, you do not begin once you arrive; it's too late you are already there. Same goes for life's challenging experiences, some people ignore doing the work because everything works well in their world at the moment, and as soon as something crashes they search desperately for that "fix me" button!

Don't be that person. You deserve more than that. Don't be lazy! Do your work! As the tittle says, when the storm hits, it's too late so please try to be somewhat prepared.

Luv and Light Always!