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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conscious Of Your Culprits

When does life get better for you? Simple, when you allow it to.

That's ridiculous right? Who wouldn't want their life to get better? 
Self sabotage can be hard to detect when you aren't really looking for it. Negative inner dialogue can also be difficult to detect when that has been your language for so long. Abusive treatment to the self (creating fear, worry and panic for ourselves) can be impossible to notice if it is what we have known our whole lives.

See, to truly understand what can better your life you must take a good look at yourself. What you think and why. What you say and why. What you believe and why. It is from this knowledge that you become conscious of your culprits and able to distinguish them. No one but you knows all of the correct information in order to create a better life for yourself. This means, look to outside sources to assist you, but you my friend, yes, only you ,can do the proper work required to help create a better life for yourself.

Now, the question I ask you is: are you ready to become conscious of your culprits and do something about them?