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Monday, June 10, 2013

Deactivate Your Fear

What if we finally come to realize that there is no failure. 

What if we come to realize that everything is an experience and a lesson to better understand ourselves, others and surrounding situations? How could this perspective alter our lives? 

Why do we choose to fear anyway? What do we truly have to lose? Think about that. 

Why isn't our personal happiness our number one priority? Have we not yet understood that when we "properly" care for ourselves and make our happiness our priority everyone and everything around us benefits?

I think we need to start questioning ourselves a little deeper. Stop the rolling ball of routine and really think about things.

Fear is a self destructive tool that we choose to keep alive and kicking within us. We choose to activate it, so I ask you today: please deactivate your fear, you really don't need it! I promise you, your life will be better without it.