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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gratitude, Sometimes The Easy Way Out

People ask me, "how do I stop an anxiety attack when its in process?" Sorry to say but there is no magic button. The best thing you can do at that point is learn to breath with it, not fear it, understand that it is you who brought this on and in a few moments it will dissipate. Better to ride with it than fight it.

It takes practice and dedication, just like training your body. You do not get results unless you put time and effort into it. A bikini body isn't built in one day and neither is calm energy. The more time and focus you put the more results you shall have. So yes, like everything else, it takes work. However for those of you who do not do the work and find yourselves with fear creeping into your pores and anxiety taking over your chest...try gratitude. At that very moment try your best to start listing all the things you are grateful for. Keep going eventually you will have shifted your focus enough to calm down.

Do not lead your daily life without intention and purpose. You contribute to your reality more than you realize. Your thoughts, actions, reactions, spoken words, food you eat & drink, your attention to your surroundings and your attention to your insides make all the difference. So please people, pay attention and take some responsibility for your reality! And remember, gratitude is sometimes the easy way out.