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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lessons in Life

I keep learning things in life and I am grateful for this continuous knowledge. I know these lessons will never, ever stop and I understand the key is not to get stuck on any of them, but be sure I keep moving forward. 

Many times when we contribute to a 'mistake' in life, we beat ourselves up silly, making our thoughts our enemies because we choose to hold the memories alive in our minds. We revisit them again and again! If something is past, please leave it there. 

You are no longer that person, living in that reality! Live in the present moment, be forgiving of who you were and the choices you made and keep moving forward. Value yourself and keep helping to create the best you, you can be!

Forgiveness of the self and of others is not only powerful but essential!

One of the valuable lessons I've learnt is, It's never too late to begin! So what are you waiting for? This moment is perfect!!